Important information when you are interested in one of our kittens

If you are interested in a kitten of us it is important to know a few things on forehand. Please take the time to read this carefully.

– In case of export, a kitten will not travel BEFORE the age of 16 weeks! This is because of the rabiës vaccination but we also feel that for a kitten of only 13 weeks it’s already a huge happening to move to another house, let alone to another country. We keep the full right to extend this age if we feel it’s in the best interest of the kitten!.

– If you are interested in a kitten the best way is to come in contact with us (if you aren’t already). From birth till 6 weeks we will send you several pictures.

– Until 6 weeks the kitten will be marked as ‘opted’. When the age of 6 weeks arrive it’s time to make a decision for both of us. When you still are enthousiastic about the baby and you want to buy it, it’s important that from that time reservation money is transferred to us. With the modern bank possibilities this is doable within  one week. If after a week we haven’t received the reservation money the kitten will change from opted to available. Please understand that for us it’s important to make sure all the costs are covered for travelling etc.

– The price of the kitten EXCLUDES: travelling costs and material costs (carrier etc.) to get the kitten to you comfortable.

– You are always welcome to come over and take the kitten with you of course. We would even be happy with that cause it means the kitten has someone to guide him. However, we do know it’s not always possible so in that case we need to make sure travel is safe and comfortable in the best interest of the kitten.

– When you receive the kitten it will be fully vaccinated, rabiës vaccinated, chipped and you will receive a pedigree and passport plus a green bill of health from our veterinarian. The contract is something we will have allready signed and exchanged before all that.

If you are interested in one of our babies don’t hesitate to contact us.